Beta Hydraulische olie serie 800 WR

Hydraulic oil series 800 WR is a universal hydraulic oil that satisfies the requirements of most manufacturers of hydraulic machinery and equipment.

This hydraulic oil is recommended in cases where an EP oil is required.

DIN 51524, Part 2 HLP

  • Standard containers: 1L / 5L / 20L / 60L / 208L

Beta Hydraulic Oil serie 800 WR-HV

Hydraulic oil series 800 WR-HV is recommended for heavy-duty hydraulic systems that have to withstand very broad temperature ranges.

This hydraulic oil is ideal for use as a hydraulic fluid in mobile installations such as earthmoving equipment, telescopic cranes, agricultural vehicles, etc.

DIN 51524, Part 3 HVLP

  • Standard containers: 1L / 5L / 20L / 60L / 208L

Beta Bio Hydraulic Oil serie 900 WR-HV

Biodegradable hydraulic oil series 900 WR-HV is a high-grade biodegradable hydraulic oil suitable for the lubrication of hydraulic systems.

This hydraulic oil is used in stationary and mobile installations in industry, shipping, offshore, road and canal construction, water purification, forestry and gardening, agriculture, etc.

DIN 51524, Part 3 HVLP, JCB, Linde, Mannesmann-Rexroth, Sauer-Sunstrand, Vickers, Voith

  • Standard containers: 1L / 5L / 20L / 60L / 208L