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Autoplus 2021 Oil Saver

A mineral oil-based additive to which polymers and stabilizers are added to save on oil consumption.

AUTOPLUS 2021 reduces excessive oil consumption, improves compression and restores the effect of the neutralizing additives and antioxidants.

  • Standard container: 24 x 300ML

Autoplus 2023 Oil Stop Leak

A leak-stopping oil additive containing the restoring additives for O rings and seals and a solvent for removing deposits.

AUTOPLUS 2023 stops oil leaks, except in case of mechanical defect. Gives O rings and seals back their original volume and elasticity. Cleans the mechanical parts of the engine and prevents oil stains and smears in garages and car parks.

  • Standard container: 24 x 300ML

Autoplus 2024 Internal Engine Cleaner

An internal engine cleaner combining products that can place baked-on deposits and sludge in suspension for easy removal with the next oil change.

AUTOPLUS 2024 dissolves baked-on deposits, placing them in suspension in the hot parts of the engine, such as the bottom of the piston ring grooves, and in the cold parts, such as the cylinder head covers, crankcases and sumps. Prevents mechanical damage and early wear of the engine due to insufficient lubrication caused by deposits and sludge.

  • Standard container: 24 x 300ML

Autoplus 2025 Oil Anti-Friction Anti-WEAR

A multifunctional additive specially developed on a basis of the most recent technology, recommended for mineral, semi- and synthetic engine oils.

AUTOPLUS 2025 is suitable for all petrol or diesel engines, even those fitted with a turbo or catalyzer. This product radically reduces abrasion and prolongs the service life of the engine. Very good friction-reducing properties. Reduces excessive oil consumption. Inhibits the oxidation of the oil and prevents the formation of sediment. A safety factor for the engine when working in demanding conditions or in case of long intervals between maintenance works.

  • Standard container: 24 x 300ML